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Garmin software updates: Make sure you have the latest software version updated for many different ways.  Plus, by keeping your device updated, you know you’re getting all the new tools that come with different updates. 

When it comes to Garmin watches, unlike other operating systems likeAndroid and iOS, Garmins are unique to a software model update . This means that you will receive different updates depending on the model of your Garmin.

Garmin software updates

How to Check the Software Version in your Current Internet.

It’s Easy to Check Your Software Version in Garmin

If you want to make sure you have the latest version, you can do a web search by typing the device name and model – update &  Download Garmin Express for Mac – and see the results on the official Garmin website. After you have received it, you can compare these results with the software version you have installed on your device to establish whether you have the latest or need to download it.

Set up Garmin software updates automatically.

First of all, if you have not created an account, then you have to create a Garmin account, then download the summer connect app and then connect the device to the smartphone. After you connect your device to the Garmin Connect app, your software should automatically update to the default. This means that every time a new update arrives, it will automatically be sent to your Garmin device.

However, if you’re not sure if it’s enabled, or if you disabled it by accident, follow the next steps to set it up:

  1. go to Settings.”
  2. Tap “Start/Stop”.
  3. Tap on “System”.
  4. Tap “Software Update” at the bottom.
  5. turn it on

You have now set up automatic software updates. From now on, every time a new update appears for your device, it will be automatically downloaded and sent to your device. Most likely, your device will restart after each update. This is totally normal and you don’t have to worry about it.

Updating your Garmin software updates manually

If you want to update your software manually, you must first make sure that you have disabled automatic software updates, as this is set by default.

Once that’s done, you can follow these steps to manually update the software on your Garmin device:

  1. go to Settings.”
  2. Tap “Start/Stop“.
  3. Tap on “System“.
  4. Tap on “Software Update“.
  5. If a new update is available, you can check it out here. You’ll have an “Install Now” option, and an estimated time for the update.
  6. Tap on “Select“.

You have to manually use the Garmin software updates . If an update isn’t currently available, you won’t see anything under “Software Update.” Since Garmin releases software updates from time to time, you should check for updates every 3-4 months to make sure you have the latest version on your device.